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What I'm Reading Now
Favorite Book of 2015
The Beauty of Free Books

I'm a huge fan of the kindle, afterall it's what got me so into reading. There is no way I ever would have read as many books as I have without it. The other amazing thing about a kindle is that it recommends other books you'll like and has a Top 100 Free Book section. So many of the books I've loved all started by buying a free one. My favourite author was discovered that way too. If you ever want a read but don't have much money to buy new books (as was my problem) then the free section is IDEAL!

Of course they are almost all sequels and once you read the free one you're bound to buy the next in the series but really, it's so worth it for that kick of having a great read that only cost you your time and finds you an amazing author. I'm so thrilled that new authors are prepared to offer a book for free, without it I would have probably not have found most of the authors I love now. A free book led to buying a whole series! Skint readers, like I am sometimes, should definitely trawl the free section. You will find some absolute GEMS!

So thank you to all the authors who put their book on Amazon for free.

I'm so happy I found you.

My Favourite Author

I love a lot of authors, some are new to me and some have been there since the day I got my kindle. One of those, the one, is RL Mathewson. Over the 4 years that I have owned my kindle, she's been the one that I buy her book without even thinking, they are all on my kindle. She's hilarious and writes funny, sexy stories no matter what genre. I will fangirl all over her if she so much as likes a tweet. I'm not even cool about it.

My other fave author, needs a mention, which is why I've updated this. Sloane Howell is his name, and making me smile is his game! Not only is The Matriarch the best book I've read, like ever, but Sloane is a brilliant person too. Super generous and always a laugh. If you don't like his books, you should at least like him. :)

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